Create spaces with light and shadow

Sun Sails

Custom design to measure sun sails are a practical solution for optimal surface shading.
Sun sail constructions impress with their bold designs.

It can be “built” in two and in three dimensions. By changing the high and low points the sun sails radial curvatures create shade where desired. Sun sails are available as free-standing form in front of the house, in the garden or as a textile attachment to the building. The use of waterproof textiles guarantees all weather protection.

Models    Equipment

All year sun sails

Thanks to their sturdy construction, snow proof sails can be used all year round. In addition to wind loads, the snow load required by the snow load zone is taken into account.


Event sun sails

These sails are designed for short-term use only. They are quick and easy to assemble. The poles are attached to ballast containers, between which the sail is braced.


Season sun sails

They are used in the summer months. They are statically calculated considering arising wind loads. They are dismantled and stored in the winter months.


Here you will find detailed information and specifications on materials, shapes and operation of our sun sails.