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High-quality sunshades designed for the private and hospitality sector.

The image of the sunshade has changed. Thanks to technical innovations, the sunshades are reshaping how we interact with the outdoors. They not only provide shade, but also protects against UV radiation while aesthetically blending into cityscapes, landscapes and open spaces. Our sunshades which are regularly tested in a wind tunnel are made with high-quality extruded aluminum profile systems.

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Who does not like to enjoy a few free hours on the balcony or the terrace when the weather is fine? A sunshade makes it all that much better. The free hours become a relaxing mini-vacation.


Free-arm sunshades

A free-arm sunshade has its mast on the side instead of a conventional sunshade that has it in the middle. This allows a larger area to be shaded and it is easier to place a table under its shade. Thus, it offers you the maximum freedom of sunshade space.


Large Sunshades

Large sunshades are often used to offer sun and rain protection for guests in both the commercial and the hospitality sectors. These commercial sunshades are easy to use and ensure decades of enjoyment due to their engineered simplicity and robustness within their construction. All large sunshades can be equipped with infrared heating, lighting and speakers.



The attractive design of outdoor spaces are of particular importance, especially in the highly competitive hospitality sector.

Make your sunshade an attractive advertising medium and part of your marketing concept.

Use sunshades as temporary roofing for events. These can be easily expanded with matching side walls, rain gutters, heating and lighting. Simply turn tents into a VIP lounge or a consulting area.

Choose coziness and comfort, shape and color to create the outdoor space to fit your needs.

Here you will find detailed information and specifications on materials, shapes and operation of our sunshades.