Transparent living space

Terrace glass system

Living in nature – protected from wind and rain

The terrace glass system gives you a well-protected outdoor space and a year round terrace. Depending on the height of the rafters, you can cover areas up to 6 meters deep. With fixed glass elements and smooth sliding doors you can create lateral protection and a summer garden bathed in light. To prevent sunlight and heat build-up, horizontal and side-mounted textile shading provide sun protection. The terrace glass system is available with or without roof overhang and integrated rain gutter.

MODELs     Equipment

AREA Classic

The AREA Classic with its roof overhang and optional rain gutter provides additional weather protection. Its focus is on aesthetics: the roof rack and downpipe with their cubic silhouette fit perfectly into the overall architectural concept. On request AREA classic is also available with a rain drain chain.


AREA Exclusiv

The AREA Exclusiv dispenses with a roof overhang in favor of the cubic concept and also scores points with its integrated gutter. Elegant cover profiles make screws, nuts or mounting grooves invisible.


Here you will find detailed information and specifications on materials, shapes and operation of our terrace glass system.