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High-quality parasols designed for
the private and hospitality sector.

Sunny days can only be enjoyed to the fullest with the right sunshade. As a premium specialized dealer of Glatz, we can offer you high quality parasols in different colors and shapes. They protect against UV rays and blend aesthetically into open spaces and landscapes. Thanks to the world’s largest range of parasols from the Swiss family-owned company Glatz, you are guaranteed to find the parasol that suits your needs with us.


  • ALEXO®



Centre-pole Parasols

Who does not like to enjoy a few free hours on the balcony or the terrace when the weather is fine? A parasol makes it all that much better. The free hours become a relaxing short vacation.
Glatz center-pole umbrellas, including the Alexo®, Piazzino®, Twist,Teakwood and Alu-Smart, are excellent on balconies and patios or as a complement to large umbrellas – especially when there are space limitations. They are easy to handle and harmonize with new and old buildings.



  • SUNWING® Casa

  • AURA

Side-mast Parasols

A side mast parasol (also called a free-arm or traffic light parasol) is a parasol whose mast is placed to the side instead of in the center. This makes them ideal for shading lounges and tables, as there is a free, spacious area of shade. They provide maximum free space under the entire parasol. The models offered include Sombrano®S+, Sunwing® Casa, Aura & Ambienta Nova.
By the way: Did you know that side mast parasols were invented by the Glatz company?





Windproof Parasols

Sensitive locations such as coastal areas, boardwalks, lakeshores, sparsely developed areas and foehn valleys or elevated locations (mountains, hills, roof terraces) are more exposed to windy weather. A number of Glatz parasols have been designed with a special focus on wind stability. We are pleased to offer parasols that are wind stable up to 100km/h. We especially recommend the models of the F-line. Also suitable is the Palazzo® line as well as the Castello® Pro.

Please note: Side-mast parasols are not suitable for extremely wind-exposed locations.


Giant Parasols

Who does not enjoy a relaxed stay outdoors, protected from strong sun rays or rain. Especially in outdoor catering, reliable, aesthetic and uncomplicated shading is an essential selection criterion. Large umbrellas are ideal for spacious outdoor areas. The four large umbrella models from Glatz (Castello®Pro, Palazzo®Style, Palazzo®Noblesse & Palazzo®Royal) give open spaces a modern look and defy wing speeds of up to 115km/h.
Convenient and easy operation combined with a timeless design are a key feature of the umbrellas. Quick and easy opening and closing are possible thanks to the patented crank opening principle (Palazzo® series) or an optimized slider with tension lever (Castello®Pro). In addition, the high closing height above the furniture is a decisive advantage for the catering and hotel industry.
For special comfort, the large screens can be additionally equipped with motorization, infrared heating or lighting.

Here you will find detailed information and specifications on materials, shapes and operation of our sunshades.


  • Motorization for automatic opening & closing
  • LED lighting
  • heaters
  • protective covers
  • side walls & rain gutters


The frames are made of pressed, natural anodized aluminum (matt white or anthracite powder-coated) or of noble woods (ash, eucalyptus, teak). The uparasols cover is available in different fabric classes made of polyacrylic fiber, polyester with acrylic coating or PVC-coated polyester fabric in over 60 different color variations. The coated or impregnated fabrics ensure effective protection against algae and mold growth, industrial dust, car exhaust fumes and other environmental factors.
Cleaning: As with all things, proper Cleaning and maintenance is important for Glatz parasols to optimize their longevity and beauty. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Detailed Information on cleaning and maintenance


Operability ind highest quality – whether patented crank opening principle, slider and tension lever or motorized solutions with remote control. Sophisticated mechanisms for easy, convenient opening and closing are a trademark of all Glatz parasols.


  • Measurements  Small parasols start with a diameter of 2m. Large parasols for commercial use can reach up to 8m (diameter).
  • Fixiation possibilities  Basically, there are three types of parasol stands: fixed anchors, mobile fixation solution and base.
    We recommend a base as an parasol stand if the parasol is mainly placed in the same place and does not obstruct any walkways. Pedestals are available in different materials, dimensions and weights. Among them are solid hot-dip galvanized steel plates, steel frame constructions with concrete slabs, granite pedestals or glass-fiber reinforced plastic containers filled with water.
    For more mobility, and thus the possibility to adjust the shading to the course of the sun, you will find in our assortment base with castors. Furthermore, especially for balconies, there are so-called balcony clamp for attachment to the balcony railing.
    In the case that the parasol has a constant, fixed place, we advise a fixed anchoring by means of a concrete sleeve set in concrete. This is an optimal solution, especially for restaurants. Guests and staff can move freely under the parasol without the base becoming a tripping hazard. An alternative to ground sockets are anchor plates, which are screwed to a stable base.
    All mounting solutions are adapted to the elegant design of Glatz parasols.

    Detailed information about fixation posibilities

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