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High-quality parasols designed for the private and hospitality sector.

The image of the parasol has changed. Thanks to technical innovations, the parasols are reshaping how we interact with the outdoors. They not only provide shade, but also protects against UV radiation while aesthetically blending into cityscapes, landscapes and open spaces. Our parasols which are regularly tested in a wind tunnel are made with high-quality extruded aluminum profile systems.


  • ALEXO®



Centre-pole Parasols

Who does not like to enjoy a few free hours on the balcony or the terrace when the weather is fine? A parasol makes it all that much better. The free hours become a relaxing mini-vacation.



  • SUNWING® Casa

  • AURA

Side-mast Parasols

A side-mast parasol has its mast on the side instead of a conventional parasols that has it in the middle. This allows a larger area to be shaded and it is easier to place a table under its shade. Thus, it offers you the maximum freedom of sunshade space.





Windproof Parasols

Parasols that are wind stable up to 100km/h.


    Giant Parasols

    Giant parasols are mainly used in the commercial sector to provide large-scale sun and rain protection for guests. Modern giant parasols are easy to use and guarantee decades of use due to the enormous robustness of the construction. All giant parasols can be equipped with infrared heating, lighting and loudspeakers.

    Here you will find detailed information and specifications on materials, shapes and operation of our sunshades.


    Most parasols are equipped with very user-friendly cranks, slides and levers, which makes them easy to open and close.

    Comfort & Equipment

    • Motor for automatic opening and closing
    • LED lighting
    • Infrared heater


    The frames are made of pressed, natural anodized aluminum profiles or made of fine woods (ash, maple and teak). The sunshade cover is available in different classes of polyacrylic fiber, polyester with acrylic coating or PVC-coated polyester fabric and in over 60 different color variants. The coated or impregnated fabrics ensure effective protection against mold and algae, industrial dust, car exhaust and other environmental factors.

    Fixture & Measurements

    In addition to the classic round shape, we also offer square, rectangular and modern shapes. The size for small sunshades starts at 2m diameter and goes up to a size of 7m x 8m for large sunshades for commercial use.
    For the mobile varieties, there are frames, which are weighted with concrete slabs. For stationary fasteners there are ground sockets, which are installed in a foundation or anchor plates, which are bolted to a stable surface.
    High stability can also be achieved with complementary sunshades stands. These are either solid hot-dip galvanized steel plates, steel frame constructions with concrete slabs or glass fiber reinforced water filled plastic containers.

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