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Create new habitats through modern terrace roofing

Terrace folding roofs – also called PERGOLA SUNRAIN – are used on large terraces against sun, wind and rain protection. The models have been developed to meet the highest demands in the private and commercial sectors and even meet the extreme requirements of the hospitality trade. Supplemented by vertical awnings it creates a flexible textile room concept, which makes your terrace largely weather independent. In sunny weather conditions it can be opened quickly by pressing a button.

MODELs     Equipment


The PERGOLA SUNRAIN L impresses with its successful, modern design and system sizes up to
84.5 m². Depending on the size, extremely stable profiles allow for wind resistance up to wind
force 9. The water drainage takes place via the inclination of the system into the gutter as well as through the front poles. The standard equipment includes a waterproof awning fabric made of PVC high-performance fabric with the highest UV protection factor 80, an attractive color selection and a wireless motor. The PERGOLA SUNRAIN L can also be equipped with the waterproof mesh fabric SUNWORKER CRISTAL.


PERGOLA SUNRAIN Q is one of the latest developments from Leiner. The high-quality terrace folding roof is an eye-catcher and unique in the market: it fits in perfectly with modern architecture; is easily lowered and offers protection even in extreme weather conditions. The custom-made modules - up to five meters wide with a reach of up to six meters in length it can be joined together endlessly. Also, cross-over solutions are possible so that everything can be engineered in terms of surface technology. The dimmable LED lighting integrated into the cross-sections (optionally available) ensures a pleasant atmosphere even at dusk and at night. The fabric has 20 beautiful colors to choose from. The frame is available in the 18 Leiner Lounge colors.


The Q. bus look is based on modern architecture. The freestanding awning system can be used in a variety of ways and combinations, even the installation on the facade is possible. With the Q. bus perfect cornering solutions can be designed so that every square meter of open space can be used. In combination with side awnings and vertical awnings, textile room concepts are created that leave nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility.


SUNRAIN DUO is a patio folding roof specially designed for large open spaces. This system is not a tent but a combination of proven LEINER sun and rain protection systems. The result is a large-scale and flexible roof construction, which can be supplemented with wind-resistant vertical awnings.

Here you will find detailed information and specifications on materials, shapes and operation of our Pergola systems.