Create Spaces
with Light and Shadow

Paulus Sun Sails

Individual, tailor-made design as a practical solution for optimal area shading.

It can be “built” in two and in three dimensions. By changing the high and low points the sun sails radial curvatures create shade where desired. Sun sails are available as free-standing form in front of the house, in the garden or as a textile attachment to the building. The use of waterproof textiles guarantees all weather protection.

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Paulus Year-Round Sails

Thanks to their sturdy construction, snow proof sails can be used all year round. In addition to wind loads, the snow load required by the snow load zone is taken into account.


Paulus Seasonal Sails

Our Seasonal Sails are perfect for the summer months. They are statically calculated considering arising wind loads. In the winter months the Seasonal Sails are dismantled and stored.


Paulus Event Sails

These sails are designed for short-term use only. They are quick and easy to assemble. The poles are attached to ballast containers between which the sail is braced.



Our sun sails are individual one-of-a-kind pieces designed, constructed, and manufactured with modern technology and years of know-how in craftsmanship.

Planning & Design

The installation of a solar sail requires careful planning. We are happy to advise you regarding shape, material, and installation options and the required static specifications. With the help of our 3D program, we are able to visualize all different types of sails.


A circumferential steel cable in conjunction with a size-dependent hollow section enables tensile forces in the textile membrane, resulting in an optimal tension of the sail. At the reinforced corners, the tensile force is transmitted to the poles or wall brackets by means of terminal clamps. The poles and wall brackets are supplied in the following versions: Steel, hot-dip galvanized; Steel, powder-coated or stainless steel, glass bead blasted.

Assembly & Installation

For a proper installation of the sun sails, the correct fastening is of utmost importance. It is required to take wind and tensile loads into account, depending on the location. If necessary, static calculations ensure good stability. We offer our customers varying technologies.
In addition to the classic concrete foundations, the Krinner screw foundation, as well as a ground anchor system for anchoring tensioning cables for sun sails masts are available as they are particularly landscape-friendly alternatives. Both types of fastenings are installed in a short time and ready for use. As a result, they offer considerable savings in assembly time and cost.


We source the textile materials for our awnings from Serge Ferrari. The Serge Ferrari Group designs, manufactures and distributes innovative and environmentally friendly flexible composite materials characterized by lightness, durability, and recyclability.


Soltis Lounge 96 – Micro-perforated screen for fresher air on your terrace, sun protection, for year-round and seasonal sun sails | Detailed Information

Soltis Proof W96 – Waterproof translucent screen, sun and weather protection, for year-round and seasonal sun sails | Detailed Information

Soltis Horizon 86 – Optimal transparency, sun protection, for year-round and seasonal sun sails | Detailed Information

Soltis Proof 502 – Waterproof, robust membrane, sun and weather protection, for year-round and seasonal sun sails | Detailed Information

Tentmesh – High density polyethylene mesh (HDPE), UV-resistant, for Event Sun Sails | Technical Details

Swela Outgard – Polyesther with pigmented polyurethane coating on one side, UV-resistant, for Event Sun Sails | Technical Details

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