Tarpaulin Services

Function and protection

Are you looking for an individually designed protective cover for your machines, vehicles or container? We manufacture tarpaulins and covers with carefully executed welded joints from different materials to protect against dust, dirt and all-weather conditions. In both house and yard our covers are provide as long-lasting protection for sports and garden equipment, furniture, pool, fireplace etc.

industrial and commercial protection covers
  • covers for technical installations in production, logistics and agriculture
  • transport packing with individual packaging
  • long-life cover and flat tarpaulins for different uses
  • special solutions for composting covers
  • flood protection

Protection for home and garden
  • winter tarpaulins, trailer tarpaulins, side curtains, wood covers
  • roller shutter covers, solar and insulated tarpaulins
  • pool and pool cover (roll-able)
  • hoods and boat covers

We are happy to answer your questions and consult with you on the planning and implementation of your projects. Please feel free to contact us.